Frustrating Times

Frustrated Woman PullingOutHairB

After nearly three months of lockdown many of us will be feeling frustrated with the situation. Many like me will be frustrated to learn that the governments Chief Advisor broke lockdown rules at the beginning of lockdown and is still in his position, refusing to apologise for what he did and only seemingly having a press conference because he was sorry that he got caught. Lockdown rules have begun to ease however there is still a long way to go until the world returns to some form of normality, especially with different countries taking different approaches.
The Black Lives Matter movement has also gained more support following yet another death of an unarmed black man caused by a white Police Officer in the United States of America. This has led to worldwide mostly peaceful protests. I say mostly peaceful as sadly some protests have been infiltrated by thugs who are using them to start riots. Again, we are seeing different countries taking different responses. The President of the United States has said he would send in the military to end the protests if the State Governors and Police do not stop the protest, while the Mayor of Bristol has praised the way the Police in Bristol have dealt calmly with protesters. I have also seen social media videos of people trying to belittle people who say All Lives Matter. All lives do matter, however sadly there is still an ongoing issue in some countries where black and other minority ethnic groups are still facing discrimination that can only be understood by people who have gone through it. Sticking with USA the country currently has its 45th President. Out of 45 Presidents 44 have been white men. For a country that claims all men are created equal the fact that all but one of their Presidents has White European decent should give people reading this reason to think.
I do not want to turn this into a political rant, like many people I am missing my family and hope that lockdown ends soon so that I can not only visit my family and friends but get back to lifting weights and return to some form of normality.

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