Past the Peak


Lockdown continues in the United Kingdom the Prime Minister has returned to work after spending time in intensive care with Covid-19 and the daily statistics on lives lost now include deaths in care homes. Before May started the daily updates on lost lives were only hospital deaths as care home deaths were collected weekly. The government believe that the country has passed the peak of infection rates and after six of lockdown the government is beginning to look at how lockdown measures can begin to be lifted. This will obviously be done in stages to protect as many people as possible. The government has set out five tests that will need to be met before lockdown measures are lifted. These tests are:
1: Making sure the NHS can cope.
2: A ‘sustained and consistent’ fall in the daily death rate.
3: Rate of infection decreasing to ‘manageable levels’.
4: Ensuring supply of tests and PPE can meet future demand.
5: Being confident any adjustments would not risk a second peak.
To me these are perfectly sensible measures to take. There will always be areas that can be improved upon and sadly there will always be people who will find a reason to criticise the government. Sadly, these people would find something to complain about on their own wedding day because being miserable and complaining are the only things that make them happy.
I have also noticed a small number of people on my social media news feeds who have taken to posting messages saying that if people do not leave lockdown with a new skill such as learning a new language then they have wasted their time in lockdown. This, “Lockdown Shaming” is insensitive and cruel. They may think that they are being helpful or inspiring when in fact the opposite is true. Some people will need to use this time in lockdown to relax, reflect on the past year and work out how much of their, “Normal Life” they want to go back to. They might have a job in an environment which is toxic, highly stressful or does nothing for their self-worth. Some people might be struggling with addiction and need this time to help them over-come the addiction. I am also aware that for many people having to stay in their own homes is the worst place for them to be locked down in. Some people will be in a house with an abusive partner of both genders, children could be stuck with abusive parents or siblings so for them lockdown could not end soon enough.
Throughout February following the suicide of a female celebrity charged with domestic violence against her boyfriend, social media was flooded with people jumping on the Be Kind band waggon. Instead of sharing the message to make it look like you care how about actually doing what the message suggested and be kind to people.

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