Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Moore is a ninety-nine-year-old World War 2 Veteran who throughout April has been walking laps of his garden to raise money for the NHS. Initially Captain Tom Moore’s aim was to walk one-hundred laps by his one-hundredth birthday on April 30th with a target of £1000. At the time of writing Captain Tom Moore has raised £28 million. On April 16th Captain Tom Moore completed his 100th lap and Soldiers from the Army were present to Salute him and celebrate with him. Since then Captain Tom Moore has continued to walk laps of his garden, recorded a cover of, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” with Michael Ball and has won the Pride of Britain Award. There is also a campaign to get Captain Tom Moore a well- deserved Knighthood.
In a time when we have millionaire celebrities posting attention seeking images on their social media, complaining about being stuck in their £12 million mansions, billionaire business owners asking the Government to bail out their airlines, homeless people with nowhere to go to protect themselves from Covid- 19 and Key Workers potentially risking their lives by doing their job, Captain Tom Moore has shown that one person really can make a difference. Captain Tom Moore truly is a Great Britain.

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