Lockdown Week Two


It is the last day of week two of the current lockdown. I hope everybody reading this is feeling well. While it has been reported that most of us are cooperating with the current guidelines there are sadly some people who still think that the rules do not apply to them, including Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer. If anybody should know that the longer people ignore the guidelines designed to slow down and eventually stop the spread of Covid-19 it should be her. How can Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer expect the public to listen to and follow the guidelines when she drives over one-hundred miles to her holiday home? Quite simply the sooner everybody follows the guidelines the sooner the restrictions will be lifted.
I fully understand the temptation to just go out and meet up with your friends, especially if like me you do not have a garden. I was not surprised when I put the news on this morning and saw images of people on Brighton beach having a BBQ or a mass gathering in London’s Richmond Park. People do not like being told what they can and can’t do, however I would not be surprised if the second these same selfish people catch Covid-19 they will complain that the Government and NHS did not do enough to help them. This is not true, every time a Government Minister or NHS staff member is being interviewed, they repeat the same message of, “Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives” It could not be any clearer.
It must be noted that there are many other Key Workers from Cleaners to Delivery Drivers who are also working hard to ensure that this Pandemic is defeated as quickly as possible. I am sure that if I were to mention every single industry that are working hard to defeat Covid-19, this Blog would be longer then a PHD Dissertation. To keep this short I would simply like to say thank you to everybody who is working hard to defeat Covid-19 no matter what your profession.

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