Lock Down Week 1


As the United Kingdom comes to the end of the first week of lock down, I am both impressed and saddened by what I have seen on social media this week. While many of the status updates have been from people supporting the Government requests and following the advice there are still some people thinking they know better then the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Science Officer. Some of the statuses I have seen have been questioning why it has taken so long for the lockdown to be enforced. Do people really need to be told that the NHS and the agencies that support the NHS have limited resources and if the lockdown was called too early this could have resulted in the NHS and supporting agencies being over-whelmed?
I have also seen status updates asking why the Government haven’t done the same as China. Again, do people not understand that the United Kingdom is a democracy and China is a dictatorship? If people reading this answer yes to the above two questions, then I cannot help you. Take a long look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what you would do if you were the Prime Minister. Would you take your lead from the Chief Scientist and Chief Medical officer like our Prime Minister or would you go on your hunches and tell the world it is a hoax like Donald Trump? Would you be like Trump and only think about how you could use the Global Pandemic to get re-elected? Again, if your answer is yes then I cannot help you.
Currently in the United Kingdom we are not on a complete lockdown like people in Spain, France and Italy. If people in the United Kingdom stop thinking they know better and follow the advice we may have some of the restrictions removed in three weeks’ time when the Government review the success of the lockdown. Be sensible, follow the Governments advice and we will not need to be in lockdown for as long as other countries.

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