Stay Safe and Healthy


Over the last two months I have seen both the best and the worst in human behaviour. In February you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing messages of, “Be Kind” following the suicide of a female celebrity charged with domestic assault. The media were pretending to show sympathy after weeks of publishing negative stories about the celebrity. Now in March as Governments around the world are trying to combat the spread of Covid-19/ Corona Virus people are buying more then they need of all items in shops, leaving lots of elderly and vulnerable people unable to get what they need as well as retail workers facing abuse on a daily basis from perfectly healthy people thinking they are the only people that matter. This morning I went to the chemist to collect my Antidepressants which have been delayed a day due to the NHS and delivery drivers being over-whelmed. I always use a telephone service to order my repeat prescription which works towards a five working day turnaround from order to delivery. I also always order when I have a minimum of eight tablets left just in-case there is an issue so that I do not run out. The dispenser was very friendly and professional with me, although the lady in front of me was less then understanding with the staff when her prescription was also delayed. I also saw footage on the television this morning of a Nurse in tears after a forty-eight hour shift unable to get any food for the day from her local supermarket due to morons being selfish. The Government may need to return to ration books in order to protect people from morons.
It appears that the, “Be Kind” messages of February, only counted when it didn’t affect anyone, showing just how selfish our society has become. I say appear as I have also seen some extraordinary kindness from people at the same time. This morning a retired professional football player who was earning more money in a week then most people earn in a year when he was playing has stopped taking bookings in both of his hotels so that NHS staff can stay in them for free, allowing NHS staff to continue to work without risking their families health, certain fast food chains are offering free hot drinks to NHS staff so long as they can provide staff ID, and I have seen some lower league football clubs on the news say that they are donating all of the food they had ordered for match day’s to local food banks and homeless charities while the season is put on hold.
Currently more people die each year in the UK from seasonal Influenza then have died of Covid-19 worldwide and the scientists say that for the majority of people will have a mild illness, meaning they may not realise they have had it. The trouble is that this is a completely new virus so there is currently no vaccine. That being said if we all play our part, follow the latest scientific advice and truly, “Be Kind” by only buying a maximum of three of each product like the retailers request, everybody will be able to have enough of what they need. Also do what you can to support local business which risk being forced into bankruptcy a result of lost trade.
It is also important to remember that the healthier you are the better your chances are of recovering from any illness. If you find that your local gym or leisure centre has been closed either by the owners to prevent the spread of Covid-19 or by what seems to be a soon to come Government order you can still keep yourself healthy and active. The cheapest thing you can do is to go out for a walk. You can also dust off that home exercise DVD, download a yoga app onto your phone or stream a workout using your computer. Lots of Personal Trainers offer a remote coaching service where they send you a daily workout. Whatever you do to keep fit and healthy remember to stay safe and follow the latest scientific advice.

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