2020 Goals

2020 image

As we return to the 20’s many people will be coming up with new years resolutions and saying things like, “New Year, New Me”. I try not to do these things, instead I like to set myself achievable goals for the year. That way I simply need to make small changes in certain areas to either improve my current situation or put me on the correct path to achieving these goals. In no particular order my goals for 2020 are:
• Read more. I am not much of a reader; I tend to learn more about a subject from watching a programme. When I do read a book or an article it is to learn about something, so fiction books are not something I would pick up for me. I do have some autobiographies I have not finished or even started reading. The small step I will take is to read one chapter a day.
• Enter a minimum of two weightlifting competitions. I have competed in one contest and really enjoyed it. I will not put too much pressure on myself to win, I will simply do them for fun.
• Learn something new, do something new and go somewhere new. This is something I have been doing since 2017 and helps me to stay on the road to recovery from mental illness.
• Spend more time enjoying the moment. This will sound corny; however, I have an annoying habit of overthinking which does not help my mental health. I am aware of different courses I can do in Swindon, my aim is to find one where I have to go somewhere instead of doing the course online.

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