It is nearly the end of 2019 so once again it is time to look back on what this year has brought to my life. 2019 has had lots of ups with some downs. The downs have previously been covered in past blogs. The highs have involved being promoted at work, moving into my own place again as well as competing in my first ever Weightlifting competition. I also went to Barcelona to visit my older sister who moved there in April 2018. Seeing my older sister in Barcelona and meeting her new group of friends made me feel much more relaxed about her decision to move there. I new she would be fine as she is one of those people who always manages to land on her feet, whatever the situation. I simply needed to see her there to put my mind at ease.
So, what else has 2019 brought to my life and given me the opportunity to learn? I was promoted to Duty Manager at work. As Duty Manager my primary role is the day to day running of the building, ensuring it is safe for staff and customers to use the facility. I place higher emphasis on ensuring that the building is safe for staff to work in for the simple reason that if the building is not safe for staff to work in it will not be safe for customers to use. Each Duty Manager has an operational aspect of the building that they have overall responsibility for, mine is the gym and fitness classes. It has been a bit challenging since taking over this responsibility with some instructors leaving and having to find cover along with dealing with members concerns over some classes being cancelled before I took over, however so far it looks like I have been able to overcome these challenges. It helps that the Regional Fitness Class Lead is willing to aid when needed and that before I took over, she took the time to show me how to process class KPI’s each month.
In terms of my plans to learn something new, visit somewhere new and do a new physical task every three months I have fared well. I have taken part in my first of what I hope to be many more weightlifting competitions, which meant combined two of the three objectives. I had to learn how to perform the Snatch correctly, learn a new style of training and then had to physically take part in the competition. I have also taken up DDP Yoga, which is more of a fitness-based Yoga, developed by the three-time WCW Champion Diamond Dallas Page. Once again, this combined learning a new training style along with having to physically take part in the activity. As far as new places I went to Ascot for a race weekend and stayed in Bracknall. There has also been the challenge of learning a new job role and so I have had the chance to learn new skills professionally, physically and personally.
All in all 2019 has been a good year.

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