My First Weightlifting Competition


Yesterday I took part in my first weightlifting competition. I competed in the under 89kg class of the British Weightlifting Midlands Open Series 3- 2019. Along with two female lifters I represented Be Strong Weightlifting Club. All three of us were taking part in our first weightlifting competition and all three of us made all six lifts, the only people in our categories to do so. It was also our coaches first competition as a coach instead of being one of the competitors. I have already said it on my Social Media pages however I would personally like to thank my Coach Val Craft for all your help and support not just on the day but in the lead up to it. As you said who would have thought all those years ago when we worked together at the Oasis that one day you would be coaching me in my first competition. I look forward to working with you for many more competitions to come.
As it was my first competition my goal was simple, make my opening lifts for the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Anything after that was a bonus. I was not concerned with placings as I knew there would be other competitors in my weight class with more experience. In the past I have put too much pressure on myself to win and either had to pull out due to mental health issues or I ended up performing badly. In the end I placed sixth out of seven competitors with two personal best lifts. My Snatch PB was 52kg. My Clean and Jerk PB was 72kg. What I found so good about yesterday is that all the competitors were supportive of each other. Nobody wanted anybody else to fail, even if it meant that they didn’t place as high. There were some tactical games being played among the more experienced lifters who were competing for a place in next weeks National Championships, however it was not done maliciously.
What is next?
Today I relax, this coming training week I train with moderate weights to allow my body recover as well as a post event sports massage, then I start to set my goals for my next training cycle. Then I go onto the British Weightlifting website to look at 2020’s event calendar and work with Val to set target weights for the next competition.
Michaela New and Sydonie Brewis I had a great time lifting with the two of you yesterday. You were both amazing and I look forward to lifting with you in future competitions. Now rest up and relax, you both earned it.

One thought on “My First Weightlifting Competition

  1. Many congratulations Michael, making your 6 lifts is a great achievement for your first competition. Very proud of you xxx


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