Primal Movement Patterns

For a complete exercise programme there are seven important movements that need to be included each week. These “Primal Movement Patterns” can be done in the same workout or over the course of a week in a well- designed exercise programme. These movements are:
1. Squat
2. Hinge/ Bend
3. Push
4. Pull
5. Lunge
6. Rotation/ Twist
7. Gait/ Locomotion

Why are they so crucial to any exercise programme?
As the name suggests they are how the human body moves throughout the day. Each time we sit down we are performing the Squat, when we walk, we engage in Locomotion. Shortly after we are born our bodies learn how to perform these seven movement patterns. Once we have learned how to perform these movement patterns, we depend on them for the rest of our lives.

For the body to work effectively it is important to design exercise programmes around these movement patterns in a balanced way. If your car’s wheels are not correctly aligned, you might not notice it driving around your estate. Once you start driving your car on the motorway it will become apparent that something is wrong. The human body works the same way. You might have some minor aches and pains that you learn to live with, however when you need to perform at a high level you will soon notice those minor aches and pains become a major barrier. In the fitness industry it is common for exercise programmes to focus on the t-shirt muscles, chest and biceps, and forget about rest of the body. This will lead to massive structural imbalances and lead to poor posture, poor athletic performance and will make the individual look odd.

Whatever your reasons are for exercising, base your workouts around the “Primal Movement Patterns” and you will not only look better but move and feel better.

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