Drugs and Alcohol

Western society has a rather hypocritical attitude when it comes to drugs. If somebody takes recreational drugs, they are a junky, if somebody uses performance enhancing drugs they are cheating, if somebody uses Anti-depressants, they are judged negatively. When it comes to alcohol however people are judged as boring if they don not drink it. It seems to me that in western society the only drug a person must explain not using it is alcohol.
Why is this? Why is one drug seen as acceptable to use yet others are not? For some people it is easier for them to explain why they do not drink alcohol then it is for others. If somebody is a Muslim, then they will not drink as it is against their religious beliefs. If somebody is allergic to alcohol, then drinking it could kill them. Other people may have grown up in a family where one or more members were alcoholics and have chosen not to drink as they have seen the damage it can cause, for other people who have grown up in a family with one or more members being alcoholic they may fall into the same trap. People have been drinking alcohol since alcohol was discovered. In the Viking age it was often safer to drink alcohol then water in built up cities due to lack of sanitation, so it seems to me that it is socially acceptable to drink alcohol in western society because of how long it has been around. Alcohol is also used to celebrate success, or to make people feel better about failure. In motor sport the top three all celebrate with bottles of Champaign, if a relationship breaks down it is common for people to get drunk to forget about how bad they are feeling. If you take to two examples given and replace alcohol with cocaine people would have a very different reaction, even though cocaine is being used for the same reasons, its just swapping one drug for another.
I am not Puritanical about people having a drink. People who know me know that I like to have a drink on special occasions. I just fin it ironic that one drug is socially acceptable, yet others are demonised.

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