New Job Week One

I have nearly completed my first week in my new job. So far it has been going well. I have started in the quieter time of year for the fitness industry which means I have a chance to learn the more detailed side of the role before it get busy again. Some of you reading this might be wondering why the summer is a quieter time of year for the fitness industry. Some may be thinking that with the warmer weather we have been having and with people going away for their summer holidays that gyms and leisure centres would be busier. The fact that it has been warmer recently and with this week being the start of the school holidays is why it is quieter. Many of the people who would normally be using the facilities are either on their family holiday or getting ready to go on their annual family holiday.
As far as my new role is concerned the biggest challenge will be the change in mindset I will need to adopt. I will be learning how to manage people instead of being managed. I have some experience of this already from working in previous leisure centres as it related to training new members of staff. As the more Fitness Instructor in the previous centres the new members of staff would look to me for advice, or if they said they had nothing to do I would find tasks for them to do. It may be the biggest challenge; however, it is one I am looking forward to as it will help me develop into a better Manager.

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