Live Life @ 90%


Today I watched DDP’s, “Living Life at 90%” video. In the video DDP explains how life is 10% of what happens to a person and 90% is how the person reacts to it. It is a simple concept to understand, however, to achieve this mindset takes hard work and dedication daily. The steps for living life at 90% are:
1. React
2. Adapt
3. Breath
4. Take Action
In the video DDP explains how it took till he was thirty years old to get a diagnosis of ADHD and Dyslexia. When DDP was thirty-one he made the decision that he was going to read his first book from beginning to end. He did this by reading one page a day and by the time he was thirty- two DDP had read his first book. Ten years later he wrote his first book, “Positively Page, The Diamond Dallas Page Journey”. For DDP to achieve this goal he had to change how he reacts to the idea of reading so that it no longer scared him.
Living life at 90% is something we can all do. For DDP it not only helped him with his wrestling career, it has also helped him turn DDP Yoga into a multimillion-dollar business which has helped millions of people to improve their lives.

How can we apply this to our own lives? Firstly, we need to set out what our goals are. Then we need to write them down so that we don’t forget them. Once we have done that, we then need to write down a plan for how we are going to achieve them and by when. Once we have done that, we then need to put that plan into action and we also need to review our progress on a regular basis. All this work makes up the 10%. The other 90% is how we react when things go wrong. Let’s say that you went for a promotion at work and it went to somebody else. You could react by becoming angry, quitting your job and spending the rest of the day in the pub. This would not help the situation and could possibly lead to you making even worse decisions. On the other hand, you could ask your Manager for a feedback meeting to find out what it was that the other person did better so that you can take the required actions to get the promotion next time. It might very well be that you were in fact the better candidate however the person who got the promotion was able to sell themselves better. In these situations, the person who got the job over you will quickly be found out as not being as capable of doing the job as they said they were. This will then give you the chance to show your Manager that you should have gotten the job in the first place by being professional and continuing to do your job to the best of your ability.
Training your body and mind to live at 90% will take daily work, however if you are able to achieve this goal you will find that it becomes as easy as breathing.

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