To Do List

to do list on red background

Have you ever had days when you feel that you have done nothing productive? One way to avoid this is to make a, “To Do List”. All you need to do is think about everything you want to do on your day’s off, write them down then put them in a list with the most important task at the top. Once you have completed that task you simply tick it off then move onto the next one. At the end of your day you will see just how productive your day has been. Any tasks that you could not complete that day for any reason will be at the top of your next day’s list. It really is that simple. As an example, you list could be:
1. Go to the gym for an hour
2. Clean car
3. Food shopping
4. Attend evening class
Depending on what you do for work you may find that you are doing this for your working day but not on your days off. If you work in Management or run your own business you will be making to do lists each day, it could be responding to customer comment forms, planning meetings or budgets. In my job my, “To Do List” is my daily booking sheet. It will tell me when I have inductions, fitness classes and fitness programmes. It will tell me how many people I have booked onto each class so that I can ensure I plan enough exercises. It will also have the cleaning schedule so that I can see what needs to be prioritised that day.
By planning your day this way, you will ensure that you make the most of each day.

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