New Job, New opportunities

In two week’s time I will begin the next stage of my career in the fitness industry as a Duty Manager. As I think about my new challenge, I also reflect on the last eighteen months. In that time not only did I return to the fitness industry after an unplanned career break, I also had the opportunity to get my confidence back as a Fitness Instructor. I am grateful for the fact that I was able to once again work in the industry that I love, instead of taking any job I could simply for a wage. I am fully aware that some people never get one opportunity to live their dream, let alone two. Some people spend their entire working life going from job to job, never really knowing what they want to do with their lives. If that makes them happy then that is fine. For me I need to be doing what I enjoy, not just for my mental health but for my personal satisfaction.
What is the meaning of life? For me it is finding your passion and then to share it with the world.

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