New Home New Start

I have had my first week in my new place. It might not be very big; however, it feels so nice to have a place of my own again after two and a half years of living in shared accommodation. The last two weeks of my life have been a bit up and down. A customer at work had a cardiac arrest and we had to use the defibrillator on him and carry out CPR while we were waiting for the paramedics to arrive. The member is recovering well though and it looks like he will make a full recovery. Later that same day I was offered and accepted a promotion. I am now in the limbo period of knowing I have the job; I’m simply waiting for the required paperwork to be completed and a start date set. Once this has been completed it will begin to feel real. My new job will be as a Duty Manager in a small leisure centre. It will be a great place to start my Management journey as the team that are already working at the centre are friendly and helpful.
I am also fortunate that friends and family donated items to me such as a bed, pots, pans and plates for my new place. It came with a cooker, washing machine and fridge-freezer already installed, however it is an unfurnished property, so the donations were greatly appreciated.
On Saturday I went to my hometown to visit my best friend, his wife and my amazing God sons. They have recently bought their first house and it is looking really nice. It might not quite be exactly how they want it, but it will be soon. Saturday was a warm and sunny day, so the paddling pool came out and the boys had a great time splashing around and turned their garden slide into a water slide. It was the first time this year I was able to get through. I found it hard to believe how big all three of my friend’s boys have grown since I last saw them. What didn’t surprise me was how much energy they have. Like most young children they seemed to get more energetic as the day went on. In the evening we went to my friends Dad’s house and all had a catch up. I have known the Tebay family for thirty years so to see my friends Dad again was great. Both myself and my friend’s Dad like to lift weights so whenever we meet up the conversation soon leads to gym training. It was a great way to end my first week in my new home.

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