Be True To Yourself

Missie MemoryWalk

June 2019 will be the point where I stop thinking about who I want Michael Patterson to be and how he will be different to Michael Mckellar. From June 2019 forward I will focus on turning who I want Michael Patterson to be into who I actually am.
1. Michael Patterson will be a lot more confident. In time I will learn to think less about what other people think of me and more about how I can improve my life. I will learn to be brave enough to follow my own path.
2. Michael Patterson will make the most of each day. Once I finally get an official diagnosis, I will learn to turn my mental health issues into a driving force instead of allowing them to hold me back.
3. Michael Patterson will not be taken advantage of. I have frequently been told that I am too nice or too humble. One of the reasons I was given for being made redundant by the Meridian Leisure Centre was that I was too humble. I personally feel that humility is a strength. I know that I am one of the best Fitness Instructors the Link Centre, Meridian Leisure Centre and City of York Council has/ will ever have. I do not need to tell everybody how good I am.
4. Michael Patterson will stick to the recovery plan. Every three months I will learn something new, visit somewhere new and try something new.
5. Michael Patterson will be more positive. I will reduce my exposer to negative situations/ people as much as possible.
6. Michael Patterson will only ever have a Plan A. If something doesn’t work I will learn the lessons needed and apply them to Plan A before trying again.

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