My DDP Yoga Journey


I am two weeks into my DDP Yoga journey. In that time, I have lost 1kg in weight and feel a bit more positive about how my life is going. Part of this will be because I will be moving into my own place in five days. Part of this will be the DDP Yoga programme itself. At the end of each workout I feel really calm which is great for my mental health. As well as providing motivational workouts the DDP Yoga programme also provides nutrition advice, motivational video’s, an easy to use mobile app which I am using and the option to buy the programme in DVD format. I also like the fact that throughout the workouts DDP reminds you to make the workout your own, meaning you can modify some of the exercises to match your ability.
Although I am following the DDP Yoga plan I am continuing my weight training. I am using the DDP Yoga plan to enhance my mobility, core stability and strength. Each DDP Yoga workout I have completed has been twenty to thirty minutes long. This suits me well as I like to keep my weight training and cardio sessions short and intense, usually between thirty to forty-five minutes long. Before I started DDP Yoga I would usually spend twenty minutes stretching after each workout, so by turning that time into a yoga workout my overall workout time is broadly the same.
I intend to update everybody reading every three months on my progress. In time I am sure that I will soon see the physical benefits as well as the mental ones.

2 thoughts on “My DDP Yoga Journey

  1. My Name is Amy Gustavison and I was born to Dale, 39 and Sylvia,37 on July 10,1970 in Alma, Michigan with Cerebral Palsy. Although my mom is a Registered Nurse she had later in life. My Agar score was 1 and the umbilical cord fell out and became detached. The doctor just she hold telling my mom that I was dead. Some other doctors came rushing in to save my life and my mom and dad would not be told for thirteen months that I had Cerebral Palsy. In those thirteen months, I didn’t make all my milestones. My mom would keep asking the doctor what’s wrong with me he wouldn’t tell her so, she still worked in the same hospital where I was born and it said Primary diagnosis; Cerebral Palsy Mom told the doctor that she wanted me tested he said to bring me back when I was 5 I went to a Special school at 13mo. Until I was five. I didn’t walk until I was 4 ½. At 5yrs. I went to a school 20 miles away from home because they had special needs classroom that was like a daycare. When the school went on strike, my parents divorced, and my mom was in a horrible automobile accident at work. She took me on crutches to grade school down the road from my house. During High School and When I went to Arizona State University, I started to gain weight I got up 375. My sister helped me loose 200LB. But when I had surgery weight went I had surgery on my spine. DPPYOGA HAS HELPED MY ARTHRITIS. I went to a regular school with OT PT and PHOI help. And I battle Depression and anxiety. I have a learning disability and Spinal Stenosis, I get really bad headaches, I Have Nerve Damage. and I now live in Prescott Valley, AZ
    And four years ago in February, I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. I was able to manage the pain until my arm started hurting. I had trouble walking. I don’t want sympathy. The Doctor did an MRI. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. It’s been almost 5 years and I still have no motivation to walk because its the doctor did two surgeries first he made so the vertebrates were not touching but then hours after surgery I could not move my legs. He took back to surgery and removed all of T1 T5 and part of T7 I sometimes get really depressed and I fell like let everyone. I did walk 300 steps and that was it I feel like let everyone down. It now 2019 I am doing DDP YOGA I can stand but and put myself to bed. And use the bathroom by myself. I can not walk. I started 7 weeks ago. Nothing else has held my attention more then DDPY.
    You probably don’t how to talk to me or what to say because of the Cerebral Palsy. I have normal intelligence and understand everything your saying. I say this because sometimes people don’t what to say. Ask anything. Sorry I keep adding things I also am the Admin of my own Support group on Facebook. This is the no pity zone I am not looking for and it doesn’t help me. Just talk to me like you would any of your other friends.


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