My DDP Yoga Journey


I am two weeks into my DDP Yoga journey. In that time, I have lost 1kg in weight and feel a bit more positive about how my life is going. Part of this will be because I will be moving into my own place in five days. Part of this will be the DDP Yoga programme itself. At the end of each workout I feel really calm which is great for my mental health. As well as providing motivational workouts the DDP Yoga programme also provides nutrition advice, motivational video’s, an easy to use mobile app which I am using and the option to buy the programme in DVD format. I also like the fact that throughout the workouts DDP reminds you to make the workout your own, meaning you can modify some of the exercises to match your ability.
Although I am following the DDP Yoga plan I am continuing my weight training. I am using the DDP Yoga plan to enhance my mobility, core stability and strength. Each DDP Yoga workout I have completed has been twenty to thirty minutes long. This suits me well as I like to keep my weight training and cardio sessions short and intense, usually between thirty to forty-five minutes long. Before I started DDP Yoga I would usually spend twenty minutes stretching after each workout, so by turning that time into a yoga workout my overall workout time is broadly the same.
I intend to update everybody reading every three months on my progress. In time I am sure that I will soon see the physical benefits as well as the mental ones.


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