Different Versions of People

different people

I was having a conversation with the Lifeguard Manager at work on Sunday and he said something that made me think. Although I do not remember how we got onto the conversation he said he couldn’t ever imagine me being grumpy. In a previous post I mentioned how easy it is for me to be Mike the Fitness Instructor and how he is generally a happy go lucky person. At different stages of my life I have been a different version of Michael. In a way we all are different versions of ourselves around different people as they bring out different traits in our personalities. We have the version of ourselves at work, the version of ourselves around our families as well as the versions of ourselves around our different friendship groups.
Mike the Fitness Instructor has not always been the happy go lucky person that the Link Centre has seen. When I was in my twenties the people, I was working with did see a grumpy version of Mike the Fitness Instructor who drank too much alcohol. This was a period in my life when I would have frequent relapses, at the time I struggled to find a Doctor that understood what was going on. When I finally did find a Doctor, who understood what was happening inside my own head I had already been accepted onto my University course and was making plans to relocate again. The version of Mike the Fitness Instructor we see today came into existence towards the end of my twenties when I Graduated University and found a Doctor who had experience with patients struggling with their mental health.
There is also the version of Michael that the members and staff at the gym I train in see. This version of Michael is the person who pulls his hood up and trains by himself without making much fuss. This version of Michael is focussed on what he needs to do to achieve the results he is after. This version of Michael is not unsocial, he will talk to people, its simply the fact that he has a clear goal in mind that takes up his focus for each workout.
The version of Michael that my friends see depends on which group of friends I am around. As I have moved around a lot, I have been lucky enough to gather a large group of friends. In some groups I am quieter as this group of friends has lots of big personalities. In other groups I am a bit more vocal. Whichever group of friends I am around I am still me, just a different version.
The version of Michael that my family see again depends on the family members I am around. Some of my family members have big personalities, others are a bit more reserved.
I am sure that we are all different versions of ourselves around different people without realising it. If you are a parent, grandparent, auntie or uncle then you will have an extra layer to your personality that your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews bring out in you.

One thought on “Different Versions of People

  1. Wow! Michael this is so thought provoking! And very true. I find that I can see my own differing personalities, it’s like wearing the appropriate one(hopefully,) to each role I have in life. I think if you have good core values, you remain true to your integral being, even when in different personality situations.
    A great article x


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