Work for You


In every job I have ever had I am often asked why I work so hard for a company that wouldn’t think twice about replacing me if I ever left. I do not actually work hard for the company; I work hard for myself. Even though I am not self-employed I still consider myself to be my own boss. This might seem strange to some people. I work more hours then I should, I work unsocial hours making it harder for me to meet up with people outside of work and I help people in other departments at work more then I probably should. Despite all of this I still consider myself to be my own boss. I have friends and family who run their own businesses. They all work extremely hard; however, they are dependent on customers and clients paying them for their services and on those same clients and customers to keep on coming back. If one of those clients doesn’t pay their invoice on time, or in some cases flatly refuses to pay it at all then that has a negative effect on the business. They might struggle to pay their staff, business rates and VAT bills.
In a recent video I posted onto my personal Facebook page Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about a study that found that three quarters of Americans hate their jobs. In 2016 the population of the United States of America was estimated to be 323.1 million people. As of April 2019, there were 129.21 million full-time employees in the United States. Out of that number three quarters of them hated their job. There will be many reasons for this. Some of these people will be in a situation like I was in 2017 in that I had to take any job I could to earn some money. This led to me taking on various temporary jobs which were sole destroying. It could be that some of these American workers have a bad employer or a bad working environment. Whatever the reason the fact that so many American workers hate their job is concerning. I would not be surprised if the same result came back in a worldwide study.
Whether or not you are employed or self-employed work for your own personal satisfaction and you will find it much easier to get through the day.

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