Olympic Weightlifting Journey

Weightlifter Silhouette

It has been ten weeks since I began my Olympic Weightlifting journey. What a journey it was. I would first like to thank Val Craft of Be Personal Training for taking the time to design my program, and for giving me constructive feedback in relation to both my Snatch as well as my Clean and Jerk technique. I still have some work to do with these lifts in relation to keeping the bar moving as quickly as possible and not losing momentum, however even the best lifters make mistakes, so I am not going to overthink things. As far as strength gains are concerned, I averaged a five to ten-kilogram increase in weight lifted in my working sets. I have also lost one kilogram in weight. At the start of my journey I weighed 87.5kg, I now weigh 86.5kg. Some of this will be water weight, some of it will be bodyfat. As the volume of leg work for Olympic Weightlifting is so high, in that every training day is a leg day I reduced the amount of sprinting I was doing and focussing more on long walks outside, intervals on the Ski-erg and using the Assault bike. I also increased the amount of time I spent stretching both before and after my training sessions to make sure I was in the best possible condition to perform the training sessions.
It is the end of my ten- week program, however it is not the end of my Olympic Weightlifting journey. I will be modifying my previous training style to incorporate more Olympic lifting and every third week I will be returning to the Olympic Weightlifting program. This will not only ensure that I keep on progressing, it will also stop me from getting bored. Hopefully in a years time I will be good enough to test myself in a competition.

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