I spent last weekend visiting my older sister in Barcelona. Two years ago, she made the decision to move and spent a year planning, selling what she didn’t need and having both Spanish and Catalan lessons, to give herself the best possible chance of making a life for herself once she got there. Some of you may be asking what’s the difference between Spanish and Catalan? Catalan refers to Catalonia, which is the region of Spain where Barcelona is located. The people of Catalonia speak a different dialect to other areas of Spain, meaning that some of the words people learn in GCSE Spanish would not be used in Catalonia. My older sister has lived in Barcelona for a year now and has settled in well. She has a well-paid job and a good group of friends around her. Both myself and our Mum were impressed with how well my older sister has settled although we are not surprised. She has always had the ability to make anywhere a home quickly.
Barcelona seems to have an extremely relaxed culture. People walk around for a bit, sit for a bit then eat and drink for a bit. Nobody seemed to be in a rush to get anywhere unlike other cities around the world such as London. During the day we went around the markets and visited a museum in Barcelona. During the evening we went for Pinchos and Tapas.
Now that I have visited Barcelona as an adult and seen how well my older sister has settled in, I feel much more relaxed about her decision to move. She has a habit of landing on her feet, although she does work extremely hard. Good luck in Barcelona Rae for many more years to come.

One thought on “Barcelona

  1. It was a lovely visit and you have put into words how wonderful it was to see how well our brave Rae-louise’s adventurous leap has turned out xxx


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