Olympic Weightlifting Program Update


I am now five weeks into my ten- week Olympic Weightlifting program. When I started, I weighed 87kg, I now weigh 85kg. Although I have lost weight my strength has increased meaning the weight, I have lost is 2kg of fat. If you look at the above videos of me performing the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk, you will see that I am looking leaner then I did five weeks ago. Although they are not perfect in these video’s I have made great improvements in the Snatch. In the Clean and Jerk video, I used my arms a bit too much and didn’t use my hips enough in the Clean or my legs enough in the Jerk. It was my last set of the session, so fatigue did play a factor in that. After both sessions I sent the videos to my strength coach for some feedback and she confirmed what I suspected went wrong with the Clean and Jerk. As always, she gave me tips for how to improve my lifts for next time. Weightlifting can be frustrating sometimes; however, it is important to go back to basics at least once a week to practice your drills for both lifts and nail the technique. If I am going to get good enough to enter a contest next year it is vital for me to perfect the techniques now so that I don’t make any mistakes on the day of the event.
In video 1 I lifted 40kg for 3 reps in the Snatch and in video 2 I lifted 75kg for 1 rep in the Clean and Jerk. I still have some work to do in relation to technique, however by week ten I should have fixed them.

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