Olympic Weightlifting Week One


I have just completed week one of my new Olympic Weightlifting programme. Week one is where I test my 3 Rep Max for both Olympic lifts as well as for all Squat variations, Standing Military Press and Deadlifts. From that Val worked out the weights for me to use in the programme and when I get to week ten I will re-test my 3 Rep Max. By that time there should be an improvement. I currently have a 3 Rep Max of 75kg on the Clean and Jerk. If I can increase that to 80kg I will be happy on track to my September 31st target of 85kg for 2 Reps. That might not seem like a big increase in weight for a six- month period, however the Olympic lifts are very technical and large increases in weights lifted takes time. Next week the programme begins properly, with all the assistance exercises I will be using to help with the two main lifts. Above you will see a picture of how I currently look. It is March 8th, I currently weigh 87kg with a 32- inch waist. I am also six feet tall. I will post a blog with a picture of how I look in nine weeks- time. This will be May 10th and will also be the end of week ten. It will include an updated picture and stats. I look forward to updating you all with my progress and to see how good I can get at Olympic Weightlifting this year.

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