2019 Update

clean and jerk

So far it looks like I am on track to meet my 2019 strength goals. I now have a 1 rep max on the Deadlift of 140kg, (no straps). My goal by 31/09/19 is a 2-rep max Deadlift of 150kg. One of my goals has changed though. Instead of becoming strong enough to enter a Powerlifting competition, it is now to get good enough at Olympic Weightlifting to enter an Olympic Weightlifting competition in 2020. Some of you may be asking what is the difference? In Power Lifting you have three lifts. Squats, Bench Press and Deadlifts. You have three attempts to lift your 1 rep max in each lift. Your total is the maximum lifted for all three added together. In Olympic Weightlifting you have the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Once again you have three attempts to lift your maximum weight for both lifts and the total for both is added together.
In order to achieve my new goal, I will be beginning a ten- week Olympic Weightlifting programme tomorrow. One of the Personal Trainers at the gym I train at is a qualified Olympic Weightlifting coach and she has designed a programme for me. Some of you reading this might wonder why I would pay for a fitness programme when I am a qualified Fitness Instructor with nearly fourteen years’ experience? The simple answer is that no matter how good you are or think you are, there is always more to learn. Also, Olympic Weightlifting is a specialised sport, which requires specialist qualifications, that I do not have. As a Fitness Professional I see it as my responsibility to learn as much as I can about all aspects of health and fitness. This not only helps me to keep on progressing but also allows me to help all the members I work with. Some areas I have been taught through working with members with specific conditions, such as Stroke or MS. No qualification can truly prepare you for the unique requirements each member has. You could have two different members recovering from a Stroke with completely different needs, and only by working with them will you learn how to help them.

Once I feel confident enough with my Olympic Weightlifting ability, especially the Snatch I will begin looking for competitions to enter in 2020. Then I will work a lot closer with Val and work out realistic weights to attempt to lift. Just like when I was Sprinting with target race times, in any Olympic Weightlifting competition I enter my aim will be to achieve certain weights and if I win my weight class that will be a bonus.

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