Make the Most of your Life

On Tuesday 12/02/19 I was reminded how precious life is. I was training at Battleground Fitness when a fellow member collapsed and later died of a Brain Hemorrhage in front of me. Grizzly had just finished using the Ski-erg and was laughing and joking with his Wife and Daughter while I was using one of the Assault bikes. As soon as Grizzly collapsed the three of us immediately came to his aid and the owner of Battleground Fitness, Pierre Spammer was on the phone to the Ambulance. With in three minutes the Ambulance arrived and immediately started working on him. Despite their best efforts the Paramedics were not able to save Grizzly’s life. I have always had respect for all people who work in the Emergency Services, on Tuesday this was not only reinforced, but was improved greatly. The Paramedics were completely professional and did all they could.

Pierre was exceptional with how he dealt with the situation. He took control while the Ambulance was on its way, he did everything he could to keep people calm and made sure everybody was ok. Out of respect for Grizzly, Pierre made the decision to close the gym for the rest of the day. The gym re-opened on Wednesday 13/02/19. I was a little hesitant to go, however once I finished work, I went to the Yoga class that Battleground run on a Wednesday night. I also went to Battleground Fitness to train this morning.

To Grizzly, I may not have known you very well, however I can tell from all the tributes I have seen that you were a great man, who will be greatly missed.
I am proud to continue to be a member of Battleground Fitness. I have been training there for two years and continue to be impressed with the work Pierre and the entire team have done to make the gym feel like a real community.
People say you only live once. This is false. You live everyday if you chose to make the most of your life.

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