2019 Fitness Goals


1. 150kg Deadlift, 2 rep max
2. 120kg Squat, 2 rep max
3. 95kg Bench Press, 2 rep max
4. 85kg Clean and Jerk, 2 rep max
5. 60kg Snatch, 2 rep max
6. 90kg lean body weight
7. Complete 30 minutes on the Assault Bike without stopping
8. Become strong enough to entre a Power Lifting meet in 2020

My current 2 rep max’s for each exercise are:
1. 130kg Deadlift
2. 110kg Squat
3. 87.5kg Bench Press
4. 75kg Clean and Jerk
5. 50kg Snatch

How am I going to achieve this by September 2019?
Increase 2 rep max by up to 5kg each month. I do not have 3 weddings and 2 Stag weekends to go to this year, which means I can focus more on strength training then on conditioning. The gym scales say I currently weigh 87kg. This means with correct training and nutrition I should be able to gain the 3kg needed to reach 90kg of lean body weight. 2 rep max test’s will be at the end of each month. Currently I can complete 10 minutes continuous effort on an Assault Bike. This might not sound like much however my cardiovascular training is based around interval training. To achieve 30 minutes continuous effort I will increase duration by 1 minute a week.


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