new year

It is the last day of 2018. Tomorrow is the beginning of 2019. What will the new year bring? The first thing 2019 will bring is 365 chances to make the current day better then the previous day. Every day is an opportunity to improve your life. This could be through a promotion at work, which will improve your financial situation. It could be through making new friends, taking up a new hobby or by removing yourself from a bad situation. However you achieve this, do everything you can to improve your situation and the situation of others around you. Every time I switch on the television, the car radio or even lo onto a social media site I am bombarded by negativity, people are offended for the sake of it and other people seem to want to destroy people’s hopes and dreams.
I intend to build on all the positive changes in my life which have occurred in 2018 in order to make 2019 even better. In previous posts I set out what my goals for 2019 will be. I still need to work out how I will achieve some of them. I will achieve them though. I have 365 chances in order to achieve them.

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