This week I spent time in the North East visiting family. I spent three days with my Nan. On one of those days one of my Aunties visited and had a relaxing day. As always, my Nan had made two different curries with rice. As always, my Nan piled the plate high as nobody is allowed to leave her house hungry. On the third day I met my older brother for lunch before spending two days with my Mum. As always when I visit my Mum, I have both her cat and dog fighting over my lap and attention.
Today comes the usual low after the high of spending time with my family. This is inevitable, however is always short lived as I know it will not be long till I see them again. I’m sure this happens to most people. What is important is to remember that the lows are temporary.

As I write this, I am conscious of how family can take many forms. You have the family you a born into, your close friends are the family you chose and for many people there is the family that they marry into. If your parents split up and marry other people you then get extended families. A supportive family is important; however, it does not need to be the family you are born into. There are times where you may go to one or both parents for advice, sometimes there are issues you feel uncomfortable talking to parents about, so you might go to a sibling or a cousin. Finally, there are situations where only your best friend can help. Whatever the situation may be, it is always important for people to have a support group around them.

I have lived in five different places around England in my thirty-four years alive. In that time, I have built up a large support group, so I know that there is always somebody I can turn to if needed.

Some people would describe me as stubborn, other people would describe me as independent, determined or driven. The truth is I’m a mixture of all four. I have a need to be the best I possibly can be at whatever I do. I do not have to be the best, simply my best.
I was once told that if a person can count on one hand how many true friends, they have they are very lucky. I am lucky enough to be able to do this. How can I tell? I have people I that I can go years without seeing, yet when we do meet up its like we saw each other yesterday.

Whatever form your family takes, remember to make the most of the time you have with them.

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