Mr Patterson


This is the hardest blog I have written so far; however, it is an important one for me to write.
Throughout the course of my life I have been known as both Michael Albert John Patterson and Michael Albert John Mckellar. Two different names for one person. After a long process of reflection, I have come to the decision to revert to my birth name of Michael Albert John Patterson. As people it is important that we are true to ourselves, and live our lives the way we want to, so long as we are not deliberately hurting people. This is something I have aspired to do my entire life.
A strong person doesn’t push other people down, they help them to get back up when they fall.
It will take some time for all the changes to become official and some people may still call me Mckellar. This is not something that will be an issue for me as I will treat them the same way I have always treated them.
A short one today, however an important one.

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