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work place irony

One of lifes biggest ironies is today’s job market. I say this because when I first qualified as a Fitness Instructor many gyms wouldn’t give me a job because I didn’t have any professional experience. I had only just qualified, so I needed somebody to give me a job to gain the experience I was lacking. I was twenty-one when I qualified as a Fitness Instructor, yet I began exercising in gyms when I was fourteen. I may not have had experience working in gyms when I first qualified, however I did have seven years- experience exercising in gyms and learning as much as I could from the Fitness Instructors in those gyms. I was lucky to have four Fitness Instructors working in the gym I trained at from the ages of sixteen to twenty-one who saw the passion and potential I had for the Fitness Industry and took me under their wing. This is something I have done my best to do with customers and less experienced Fitness Instructors I have worked with.
The building trade and car industries have a heavy emphasis on apprenticeships. These are a fantastic way of gaining experience will studying and they also allow the Apprentice to find out if they like the trade they are training for. This is something that I have seen gaining popularity in the leisure industry. Sadly, however these are not always as good as they can be. I have seen some leisure apprenticeships that offer minimal training and the apprentice is there for tax relief and cheap labour purposes. They are put through their lifeguard training and then they receive no further training courses for the rest of the two-year apprenticeship. A good apprenticeship course should provide the apprentice with the skills, knowledge and qualifications which allow them to go as far in their chosen industry as their talents and work ethic can.

A good Mentor is like a good Manager, they develop their apprentice/ staff member to have the confidence in their abilities to be able to do the job on their own. A good Mentor and Manager will also learn from their apprentice/ staff member, which in-turn will benefit the company.

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