Training Specificity

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When you embark on a fitness programme it needs to be specific towards your long- term goals. Let’s say that you are a Long Jumper, following a bodybuilding programme or 10km three days a week would not benefit you. This is because the Long Jump is an explosive event, meaning that your gym training would need to prepare you for the event. Squat and Deadlift variations are fundamental to any fitness programme provided you can perform them safely, however Box Jumps, Burpees and Single Leg Jump variations would also need to be included in a Long Jumpers programme. A Long Jumper needs to be as powerful as possible without gaining too much weight so that they can jump as far as possible.
As far as cardiovascular training for a Long Jumper is concerned long distance running at a steady pace would be detrimental. They would benefit more from short sprints of 20 to 100 meters, for multiple sets. This is because during the event the athlete runs down a short run way before jumping into the sand pit.
Simply put if your reason for taking up gym training is to help you improve sports performance your training plan should prepare you for it. A 10km runner should spend the bulk of their training running, a Rugby player should play Rugby. The runner would focus on lighter weights and higher reps, where as the Rugby player would use heavier weights for lower reps.

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