Mr and Mrs Patterson



Yesterday I had the honour of being an usher at my older brothers wedding to his beautiful wife. Their wedding was held at The Grand Hotel and Spa in York. Despite rain being forecast for the day at the beginning of the week, the weather behaved itself and remained dry all day. The wedding service was perfect. Once everybody was seated I walked one of seven bridesmaids down the aisle. As I was waiting to walk through the doors I became really nervous as I didn’t want to mess anything up. However nervous I felt it was nothing compared how Daniel and Charlie must have been feeling. As I expected, everything went perfectly. From the readings and the speeches, to the venue and the service itself. The Father of the Bride had a couple of appropriate Dad jokes in relation to Daniel’s height and by the end he had everybody in tears of joy. Daniel’s groom speech went smoothly and it was clear to me how much it meant to him, to have everyone with him on his and Charlie’s wedding day. Following Daniel’s speech Charlie’s youngest sister gave a powerful reading that was filled with so much emotion that nobody had a dry eye. Finally we were treated to two Best Man speeches, as Daniel chose both of his closest friends to be Best Men. As is traditional these speeches roasted Daniel but didn’t take it too far.
As Daniel and Charlie begin the first day of the rest of their lives together I would like to wish them all the happiness in the world. Thank you for letting me be a part of your day, thank you for asking me to be a witness and signatory of the marriage certificate, thank you for asking me to be an usher and thank you for a wonderful day.
Finally to Charlie, welcome to the family.

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