Brian Lawler


On Monday I was saddened to learn that Brian Lawler, better known to wrestling fans as Grand Master Sexay died. He was only 46 years old and it was reported that he had attempted suicide by hanging and later died in hospital after his life support machine was turned off. Brian Lawler was the son of WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Jerry the King Lawler. Most wrestling fans today only know Jerry Lawler as one of the commentators on Monday Night Raw, what they don’t know is that he was AWA Champion before the company disbanded and had his own wrestling company, Memphis Wrestling in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Brian Lawler never had the singles wrestling success that his father had, he was however a fantastic tag team wrestler. During the WWE’s famed Attitude Era of 1998- 2002, Brian Lawler was part of Too Cool. This group was made up of Brian Lawler, his long- time tag team partner Scotty too Hotty and WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi Fatu. At the height of the groups popularity in 2000 they would celebrate each victory by dancing in the ring and in the Royal Rumble match of 2000, the three of them danced during the match as they were the only three in the ring at that time. He might not have been a main event singles wrestler; however, Brian Lawler was part of a main event tag team.
Throughout his WWE career Brian Lawler didn’t use his last name, he either wrestled as Too Sexy Brian Christopher or Grand Master Sexay. Christopher was his middle name, he chose not to use his last name because he wanted to make it in the wrestling industry because of his own talent, not who his father was. Wrestling has many second and third generation stars. Some such as Bret Hart and The Rock become bigger stars then the fathers and grandfathers. Others such as David Flair never manage to break away from their father’s shadow. Brian Lawler was a star in his own right. In an ironic twist the then WWF ran a story line where the two men denied being related. Some wrestling promotions have wrestlers that are related in story line only such as The Undertaker and Kane or The Dudley Boy’s, so it was a clever decision to have Jerry and Brian Lawler deny they were father and son.
For some reason professional wrestling has a high rate of stars who die young. Many of the stars I watched as a child and teenager are now dead, some of these deaths are through addiction to drugs and alcohol, some are a result of suicide and others are through fatal accidents.
I would like to send my thoughts to the family and friends of Brian Lawler. An entertaining wrestler who brought joy to millions.

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