Quality over Quantity


When exercising in the gym the aim should be the quality of the exercise as opposed to the quantity of exercise completed. In other words, don’t count reps but make each rep count. If you are performing a set of Deadlifts, it is better to perform five good reps as opposed to ten bad ones. It is important to take your working sets of any resistance exercises to failure, (performing the exercise till you can no longer lift the weight), however each repetition should be performed with good technique. If your technique is bad you increase your risk of injury. When performed the correct way all exercises are safe and effective. The problem comes when people try to lift too much weight too soon for their fitness levels.
The rise in popularity in Cross-fit style training can sometimes lead to poor technique as many of the workouts focus on maximum reps in a set time for an exercise. As a concept Cross-fit is a fantastic way of keeping fit as it develops, speed, strength, stamina and endurance. The workout of the day/ WOD system keeps every workout fresh, however by trying to reduce the time it takes to complete the workout there is a risk that technique will suffer. Many gym challenges are based on Cross-fit where the winner is the person who has the fastest time.
Next time you train in the gym remember don’t count reps, make each rep count.