Western society

Western society is messed up in many ways. People are told to be individuals, yet they are also expected to fit in with the norms of society. The western education system seems to be based around regurgitating facts. As well as the school day students are also having to complete hours of homework a week. I have seen on the news that there has been a 15% rise in under eighteen’s being prescribed anti-depressant’s. This does not surprise me, with the focus on grades as opposed to a wide- ranging education. A wide-ranging education focusses not on learning what to think but how to think. It also teaches people social skills, how to manage money and the importance of living a healthy life.
How to think, not what to think.
Religion, media, social influences and the western education system can all have both positive and negative affects on a person. You can have religious people who believe that their Holy books are a complete history of the world. You can also have people who despise religion so much that they will belittle anybody who is religious. If I am nice to somebody it is because I want to be, not because a religious leader told me to be.
Despite what public media broadcasters claim, they are all just as bias, sometimes worse than the newspapers. They edit the storey they are reporting to suit their own agenda. If the media was truly impartial they would provide all the information and let people, make up their own minds.

If you are able to provide reasons for your opinions then you have learned how to think.