Diamond Dallas Page, (DDP) was one of WCW’s biggest stars in the 1990’s before the company went bust in 2001 and was bought by the then WWF, now WWE. During this time DDP won the WCW Championship three times. What makes DDP remarkable is that he started his career at 35 years old. Professional wrestlers usually start the careers in the late teens to early twenties. Professional wrestling may be entertainment and the result of the match may be predetermined by the owner of the company, however to be a professional wrestler requires elite levels of fitness, functional strength and a high pain threshold. It also requires complete trust between the wrestlers to not deliberately injure their opponent, however accidents do happen. During his wrestling career DDP injured his back, shoulders and knees. In 1998 DDP took up Yoga to aid his recovery from an L4/L5 disc injury. DDP then wrote his book, “Yoga for Regular Guys” in 2005. Based on Power Yoga, an American form of Ashtanga Yoga, and was written in collaboration with the Yoga Doc, Doctor Craig Aaron. This led to the creation of DDP Yoga. DDP Yoga has the tag line, “It Ain’t Your Mamas Yoga”. DDP Yoga combines the very best of traditional yoga, old-school calisthenics, sports rehabilitation therapy, and dynamic resistance to create one of the most effective fitness plans in existence today, that anybody can do. DDP Yoga is currently used by professional wrestlers, NFL stars, amateur wrestlers, MMA athletes and regular people.
Unlike many celebrity fitness workouts DDP Yoga has proven health benefits. In the documentary The Resurrection of Jake The Snake Roberts, DDP helps his friend and mentor Jake “The Snake” Roberts over-come a thirty-year Cocaine and alcohol addiction. Jake Roberts was not the most athletic wrestler and he didn’t have the bodybuilding physique that was so popular in the 1980’s, however he was one of the best, if not the best of his era in terms of wrestling psychology and promo’s. In the 1980’s it was common for wrestlers to shout and be extremely animated in their promos to make themselves appear larger then life. Jake Roberts however would simply talk, and the entire arena would be eating out of the palm of his hand. One of the many reasons behind Jake, “The Snake’s” drug and alcohol addiction was the wrestling lifestyle of the 1980’s and 1990’s. During this time wrestlers were expected to wrestle three times a day, six days a week, as well as appearing on tv talk shows and attend autograph signings. If they were on an over-seas tour they would be wrestling every day. If it was a three-week tour they would be wrestling for every single day of that tour. As a result, many wrestlers would self- medicate with alcohol, pain killers and recreational drugs simply to survive. Through the help of DDP Yoga Jake “The Snake” Roberts was finally able to overcome his addictions and in 2014 DDP inducted his friend and mentor Jake “The Snake” Roberts into the WWE Hall of Fame. Other wrestlers helped by DDP Yoga include Razor Ramon/ Scott Hall, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, Mick Foley, Goldust Dustin Rhodes and Adam, “Edge” Copeland.
DDP is one of the most respected wrestlers of the modern era and in 2017 he became the newest member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

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