A Period of Change

So far, my thirties have been a period of intense change. From being made redundant from my job in Louth because of Government cutbacks, to moving from Lincolnshire back to Swindon on a weeks’ notice to start a new job over Christmas 2016 it has felt like my world has been turned upside down. It has not all been bad though. It took twenty months however since February I have been working directly in the fitness industry. After spending the majority of 2017 in short term temporary work in industries I have no interest in, having a permanent job in the only industry I have ever wanted to work in feels like a second chance to build a career.
Although 2017 professionally was not the greatest year for me and I had a long fight back from multiple relapses with mental illness, I was able to learn new skills that I have been able to transfer into the fitness industry. I have also spent 2017 and most of 2018 learning new ways to train in the gym and although I am still learning I have become more efficient at Olympic style weight training. This gave me a new focus and reason to get up in the morning on days when I didn’t want to. What made this challenging was the need to change my mindset when exercising in the gym. I have spent a long time following a bodybuilding style of training, where the focus is on body parts such as Back and Biceps. With Olympic style weight training the focus is on perfecting the two competition lifts and training for movement patterns. With so much focus currently in todays society on image, especially with social media this change in mindset was a challenge. I have also taken up Yoga recently and this has helped me tremendously, not just with weight training but in everyday life.
The first six months of 2018 has been a positive experience and I hope the final six months of 2018 carry on the same way.

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