Mr and Mrs Smith

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Dean and Sophie Smith. I have known Dean all his life as our mothers have been best friends since they were sixteen. By the time I finish writing, editing and posting this piece the new Mr and Mrs Smith will be in the air flying off on their honeymoon. The day was fantastic, a great ceremony with a movie theme for the music, and their favourite childhood television shows for the seating. The speeches were brilliant. The Best Man speech was performed as a poem and managed to be both respectful and funny. The Father of the Bride’s speech had a well- balanced mix of, “Dad Jokes” and tributes to both Dean and Sophie. Deans speech made everybody laugh and he made an effort to make all who was there feel welcome. For a wedding the drinks were reasonably priced, and the entire day was in a converted barn near Cirencester. I have heard people say that friends are the family you choose. I fully agree with this and although we mainly see each other at special occasions the Smith, Reid and Sweeney families will always be a part of my family.
Dean and Sophie, I know you will have a long and happy life together as the newest Mr and Mrs Smith. Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.34146435_10160328141975368_7237326674684018688_n

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