Bucket Lists

On Friday 30/03/2018 I saw a report on the news about an eight- year old girl with an extremely rare eye condition which is slowly causing her to go blind. This amazing young lady has been working through her bucket list while she can still see, and the coverage shown was of her first ice skating lesson. Although I do not remember the exact name of the eye condition I do remember the young ladies Mum saying that they need to be careful as any nock to the body will cause further eye damage, which in-turn speeds up the process of sight loss. The news report caused me to think about my own bucket list and how much of it I have already achieved. At present my bucket list includes:
Travel Japan. Achieved in 2007 when I spent four and a half weeks traveling Japan.
Climb Mount Fuji. Achieved two days before my twenty-third birthday.
Ride the Bullet Train. Achieved in 2007.
Visit America. Achieved in 1999.
Visit the Everglades. Achieved in 1999.
Take part in a wrestling show. Achieved in 2014.
Meet Dorian Yates. Achieved in 2011.
Meet Greg Plitt. Achieved in 2012.
Meet Bret Hart. Achieved in 2014.
Meet the Dalai Lama.
Travel India.
Sky dive.
Visit the Amazon Rain Forest.
Drive an Aston Martin DB9.
See the Northern Lights.
Visit Africa.

Out of sixteen items on my list I have already achieved nine of them. Some of the remaining items might not be possible for a variety of reasons and I am ok with it. The fact that I have been able to tick off so many already is good enough for me. If anybody reading this has their own list, please don’t be afraid to give any of it a go. If an eight-year-old with a rare medical condition can work through hers then you can too.

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