The benefits of Cardiovascular exercise

Cardiovascular exercise is an important aspect of any well- designed exercise programme. Regular cardiovascular exercise increases the ability of the body to breakdown fat by increasing the production of fat burning enzymes. These enzymes break bodyfat down into its component fatty acids, which are then transported to the muscles and used as an energy source. As your cardiovascular conditioning improves, the more efficient the body becomes at breaking down bodyfat and using it as an energy source. Regular cardiovascular training has the same effect on the cardiovascular system as regular resistance training does for your skeletal muscles.
There are many benefits to cardiovascular training as well as reduced bodyfat. These include:
• Increased fat burning capacity during exercise and rest
• Improved body composition
• Increased metabolic rate
• Improved mental health
• Reductions in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, heart disease and obesity related disease
• Improved immune system
The benefits of cardiovascular exercise continue after exercise. Metabolic rate remains elevated as the body replenishes its energy system. EPOC/ Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption is fuelled mainly by fat. The more intense the cardiovascular workout the larger the effects are of EPOC.

There are various types of cardiovascular equipment in most gyms such as Rowing machines and Treadmills with a variety of programmes to use. If the gym isn’t for you then many gyms provide a variety of fitness classes such as Spinning and Zumba. Swimming is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise which is also low impact on your joints. Playing sports provides many benefits for the cardiovascular system as well as social opportunities, and dog walking ensures daily cardiovascular training.

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