Health before Wealth

Over the last two years I have tried my best to live by the philosophy of Health before Wealth. Part of this philosophy means that when I’ve been job searching I look at what the job entails, not just how much it pay’s. This doesn’t mean that I look at some jobs as below me, far from it. What it means is that if the job role triggers a relapse then it doesn’t matter how much I am being paid. If a relapse is triggered it means I need to start to look for a new role.
Health before Wealth also means that I need to be careful with the money I do get paid so that I am able to do as much as possible with it. I plan one new activity I would like to try every two to three months; how much is it going to cost, and do I need to travel far for it. That way I always have something positive to look forward to. This approach has helped me to manage one of the biggest triggers for my issues with mental health. Health before Wealth is a guiding factor in all that I do. I don’t need to be super rich, I would however like to earn enough each month so that I can live a comfortable life.
It is true that money itself can not buy happiness, however it does allow you do what makes you happy.

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