Mental Illness and me.

Mental illness come in many forms and each version effects people in different ways. As previously stated in other blogs I live with Anxiety and Depression. I say live with instead of suffering from as I refuse to be defined by these conditions and refuse to be a victim. To some people it might just seem like a play on words, however for me it is a mind-set. I don’t want either condition to stop me from doing all the goals I have in my life. Neither condition stopped me from spending four and a half weeks in Japan in 2007, and despite wanting to drop out many times they didn’t stop me from completing my foundation degree and graduating from University.
Anxiety doesn’t cause me to rock back and forth in a chair each time something bad happens, it does however make me prone to over-thinking, especially when it comes to having enough money for all that I want to do with my life. Anxiety also has an affect on the way I talk, the closer I get to having a panic attack the faster I talk. Depression doesn’t mean I am sad all the time, it can however cause me to constantly question if I am good enough at what I do professionally, especially over the last eighteen months as I am not sure what my purpose in life is.

Over the last ten years we have seen more celebrities opening up about their battles with mental health. With some of these celebrities it is not surprising with all the stories in the media concerning their drug and alcohol issues. With others it is not so obvious as their public persona is completely different to how they are in private.

What is important to remember about mental health issues is that the condition doesn’t care who you are, your social status or what you do for a living. We all have mental health, so we are all at risk of developing a mental health issues. Unfortunately, our society doesn’t take it as seriously as cancer, obesity or physical injuries.

One thought on “Mental Illness and me.

  1. Strength of character only shows when a person is tested. You demonstrate that strength each day you choose not to be defined by the test, but how you decide to find ways to not let it rule your life x


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